Oncoscope Optical Biopsy System

Leading gastroenterologists have enthusiastically embraced the benefits delivered by Oncoscope’s proprietary technology:

  • Oncoscope’s real–time, in–vivo identification of dysplastic tissue can guide sample selection thereby improving diagnostic accuracy while eliminating some of the frustration and excessive cost currently associated with random biopsy.

Standard of care
random biopsy

guided biopsy

  • This platform device can reduce the number of samples required for examination by a pathologist potentially lowering the overall procedure cost.
  • Real–time scan results provide greater tissue coverage while promising to decrease the duration of a typical random biopsy procedure.
  • The learning curve is minimal. Oncoscope’s platform easily integrates with standard endoscopes, is controlled by a foot pedal, and provides simple red and green on-screen indicators.
  • In a recent clinical study, Oncoscope’s system accurately detected pre–cancerous tissue 97% of the time.
  • Physicians want it. In a national survey of gastroenterologists, 91% reported that they would adopt Oncoscope's device into their surveillance practice.

Watch the video below to see how Oncoscope’s non–invasive screening system uses scattered light to accurately identify cells with enlarged nuclei — the primary early marker for cancer.

Watch a video of how Oncoscope works

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