Improving Biopsy Procedures

Currently, physicians cannot easily visually identify areas of pre-cancerous tissue as they perform biopsies, and therefore must collect numerous tissue samples randomly from a large area to ensure adequate sampling. 

Oncoscope’s non-invasive, scattered light platform guides physicians toward sampling cells with enlarged nuclei, the primary early marker for cancer.  With this breakthrough device, physicians can examine greater amounts of tissue more quickly, taking only those samples needed for microscopic evaluation while leaving healthy tissue intact.

Our platform can help physicians detect cancer earlier.

Pressing Demand in the Health-Care Market

Esophageal cancer – the focus of Oncoscope’s first product – is the fastest growing cancer worldwide, driving an increase in the number of esophageal biopsies performed annually.

Our technology promises to both shorten the duration of the average biopsy procedure and improve its accuracy.  Any medical device that delivers faster, better results becomes the clear favorite of all involved consumers – hospitals, physicians, and patents.

In a national survey of gastroenterologists, 91% reported that they would adopt Oncoscope’s device for use when performing biopsies while nearly 80% reported that they would expect to take fewer biopsies.

Secure Intellectual Property

Oncoscope has secured patents and licenses to patents covering the Company’s optical processes, endoscopic probe, signal processing, software, indications of use, and next generation technology.

The protection of proprietary technology strengthens Oncoscope’s leadership position in the health-care market. Learn more about Oncoscope intellectual property.

A Platform Technology = Expansive Growth Opportunities

Oncoscope’s platform can be readily expanded beyond esophageal cancer,  potentially improving the accuracy of biopsies performed for lung, colon, cervicx, bladder, stomach and oral cancers originating in epithelial tissue.  Since 85 percent of all cancers begin in epithelial tissue, Oncoscope’s technology could revolutionize cancer detection and treatment as we know it today.

Third-Party Recognition

Oncoscope raised $5.1 million in venture financing to date, augmented with $4.6 million in grant revenue provided by the National Institutes of Health, the National Cancer Institute and the National Science Foundation.

In 2010, Frost & Sullivan awarded us with its Technology Innovation Award, presented to companies that excel in the uniqueness of technology, impact on new products/applications, impact on functionality, impact on customer value and relevance of innovation to industry.

Investor Opportunities

To learn more about investment opportunities with Oncoscope, please contact:
Dr. Perry A. Genova, CEO